Hornblotton Church Interior

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St. Peter's is one of the very few churches in the country to remain very much as built. It was commissioned by the then rector Godfrey Thring (d.1903) to the designs of Sir T. C. Jackson, one of the leading architects of his day.

The interior is decorated using a technique known as sgraffito. Here two layers of different colour plaster are laid on the walls and then one layer is carved to reveal the other colour below. It is probably the only church interior in the country to be wholly decorated by this technique. I have heard it said that the only better example for a church decorated in this method is in Prague, but I have no direct evidence of this. It attracts visitors from all over the world. The decoration includes representations of Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah and the Annunciation plus texts from scripture.

The organ is also of note as it is perhaps the only example where the organist is facing into the church and not with his or her back to it. The console is inset in the front row of the choir and is linked to the instrument behind by a series of mechanical linkages which run under the floor.

The former clock mechanism (no longer in the tower) is also of significant historical interest.

The Organ and Choir Stalls


Looking towards the Chancel


Wall detail by pulpit


List of clergy since 1247

Rev List

Looking towards the font at rear of the church


Close up of the detail on the arch above the font

Arch Detail

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