Hornblotton Church

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There has been a church at Hornblotton for many centuries. The earliest name in the list of incumbent clergy, hanging on the wall in the church, is that of William le Goy in 1247. St Peter's Hornblotton now forms one of the Six Pilgrims group of village churches in the local area, comprising: All Saints, Alford; Holy Cross, Babcary; St. Peter, Hornblotton; St. Thomas a Becket, Lovington; St. Nicholas, North Barrow and St. Peter, South Barrow.

The current church at Hornblotton is a Victorian construction completed in 1874. This replaced the previous church which had fallen into some decay. It has a very special interior and the former clock mechanism (no longer in the tower) is also of significant historical interest.

All that remains of the previous building is the stump of the tower in the grounds, which can be seen in the bottom left hand corner of this photograph of the current church. The only images of the former church I could find are the painting below and, further below, a photocopy of a photograph of the old tower before it finally collapsed. The painting was being restored by one of the residents of Hornblotton Green in 1999. The picture of the tower is from a photograph by J. R. H. Weaver. I have no information as to where that came from or when it was taken, but was obviously from an old book or similar.

Old Church
Old Tower Sign

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